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Active Brain Growth of Toddlers at the Age of 3-6

Educational App to develop 9 different types of Intelligence for Preschool Kids
Learn with Dora for 3-6 year-olds - Level 1

[Dora the Explorer], loved by children from over 150 countries worldwide
is now available as a 3D Educational App for Preschoolers!

☆★☆ Chosen by moms from 150 countries worldwide ☆★☆
☆★☆ Proven Educational Series loved for more than 10 years ☆★☆
☆★☆ Won 'New Best App' in Korean App Store in 2016! ☆★☆

▶ [Check-In Event] Get Free Episodes and Points just by daily attendance!
▶ [How to Play for free] Tons of Free Play chances through Parent Participation Missions!
▶ [Smart Report] Get Report Analysis Results to manage your kid's study records!

Multiple Intelligence Development Studies for healthy and smart kids!
You can discover potential abilities and develop a balanced intelligence together with Dora!

1. This is the period when their vocabulary expands massively. Spend it with Dora!
- Check out the 13 different subjects which can stimulate language development
and expand the concept of objects.
- The kids can use the vocabulary and sentences they learned with Dora
in their daily life right away.
- Fun and easy sing-along songs and dance included.

2. 50+ stories for curious kids
- Various adventures in the stories will stimulate kids' curiosity
and help grow their cognitive ability.
- By responding to various characters and situations in each Episode,
the kids will learn problem-solving skills and social skills.

3. 9 Balanced Multiple Intelligence Development Education
- Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematica, Naturalistic,
Visual-Spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Creativity,
Musical-Rhythmic, Bodily-Kinesthetic
- Kids get to experience 9 types of Intelligence evenly
and systematically through all the Episodes.

4. Curiouser and Curiouser! Mysterious Nature Inquiry!
- This is the age when the kids are most curious and observant.
- Check out various Episodes on natural environments, plants and animals,
such as [The Big Storm], [The Trees Story], and [Children's Animal Rescue].

5. Interactive 3D Action Games
- Various interactive studies involving drawing, singing and solving quizzes.
- The fun play enhances the kids' concentration and brings out the best study results.

6. Smart Study Report available for parents too
- You can safely manage your kid's studies through data analysis of
the Intelligence they experienced as well as their study hours.
- Review Cards are provided based on the contents of the Episodes
they already learned so that they can revise with their parents.

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Customer Support: [email protected]
BlueArk Education:

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**Learn with Dora requires mobile data connection.
**This game is free to play but you can choose to pay for some in game item.
Please note that some items are non-refundable depending on the type of purchase.
**It would be advisable to use Wi-Fi on initial download and patching.

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