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It is dream of every US army soldier to become US Special Forces Commando and you are lucky one to operate as US Special Forces Commando in an area under surveillance of US army occupied by terrorist special forces group. Use your US army special forces commando guns, rifles and snipers to combat terrorists in the heat of battle and kill enemies and complete missions assigned by US special forces. Remember! this US special forces commando operation is part of bullet force mission operated by special ops of US army.

This game is about special ops handled by US army bullet force and US special forces to combat the imminent threat to nation from enemy terrorist forces. Grab your weapon and fall in the battle to kill enemies and retrieve the area to US special forces. Control your US army commando by joystick and move him on terrorist land. Kill every emery terrorist on sight to complete US army mission and complete special ops of bullet force.

Enjoy realistic special forces and US army special ops battle by pulling trigger on enemy terrorist and group with other special commando waiting outside. Super environment and landscape of terrorist land is stunning to get lost but keep your army commando spirit alive and clear the area on time.

How to Play:

- Grab your guns, rifles and sniper to kill enemy terrorists
- Enter the enemy area and start to kill terrorists
- Press fire button to shoot and gun charge button for weapons
- Use GPS radar to navigate the position of enemies
- Kill every enemy and clear the are before night fall
- Use medics if necessary and stay alive
- Special ops forces will pick you up once you clear area

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What's new

- Reduced Size
- Include one more Mission
- Minor Bugs Fixed

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