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Hello, yogis! If you need relaxing music for your yoga practice and meditation, download ♫ Yoga Music Nature Sounds ♫ and enjoy in the best yoga workout. Fill your personal yoga retreat with the best “relaxing sounds for sleeping and meditation” and fill your heart with bliss and peacefulness! Enjoy the experience!

“Relaxation music” for deep sleep, meditation, and stress relief!
3 relaxing melodies with nature sounds!
Options for setting different time intervals!
Exquisite graphic design and intuitive touch screen controls!
Suitable for all generations of users!
New “relaxing music for sleeping” coming soon!

♫ Yoga Music Nature Sounds ♫ is a free new music therapy app which contains a wonderful collection of relaxing sounds ideal for yoga studio, sleeping, and meditation. If you're a devoted yogi, get your yoga teacher to play these relaxing tunes during your yoga daily workout and immediately become relaxed and prepared for your training. Let the “relaxing music” take you to the magical zen garden and improve your meditation practice. Listen to yoga music for relaxation and meditation and do your yoga poses perfectly. Download these instrumental sounds and fill your heart with happiness and joy!

Scientific research has found that yoga and meditation have many beneficial effects on human body and soul. Doing yoga exercise while listening to “meditation music” improves your flexibility, builds muscle strength, perfects your posture, and protects your spine. It betters your bone health, increases your blood flow, and drops your blood pressure. When combined with instrumental music and ambient sounds, it boost your immunity, lowers blood sugar, and ups your heart rate. Soothing music that you can play during your yoga session can make you happier, help you focus, and improve your balance. Listen to the calming sounds and be ready to relax your nervous system and get inner strength during your yoga exercise. Enjoy working out with our collection of relaxation therapy music.

If you have trouble sleeping, ♫ Yoga Music Nature Sounds ♫ will provide you with amazing sleeping sounds which will make you fall asleep like a baby in a matter of minutes. Use this music for good night sleeping and dreaming to help you cure insomnia and finally get that rest you need. With the help of these “nature sounds” and gentle instrumental music you will drift off to the land of dreams with ease and pleasure. Just close your eyes, put on your earphones, and let the relaxing music for sleeping take you to a beautiful place. No need for a “white noise generator” when this music therapy app offers everything you need.

Incorporate ♫ Yoga Music Nature Sounds ♫ into your daily activities: while reading or studying, while walking, while working at the office, during a quick nap, while lulling your baby to sleep. These “sleep sounds” can be used in almost every life situation because they are gentle and neutral and also highly beneficial. Listen to relax music in your car or on the bus. Enjoy your bubble bath while listening to these relax and sleep bedtime songs. Improve your concentration and focus by using these new age ambient music on a daily basis. Soft songs for relaxation and meditation will put your brain into a state of calm and peacefulness in the evening, but they will increase your awareness during day.

Nature sounds such as sounds of the ocean, sounds of the sea, rain sounds, sounds of birds singing and sounds of the jungle can help all new parents lull their babies to sleep in no time. Besides being used for yoga, meditation, and relaxation, this “music for sleeping” can be used as “lullabies for babies and kids”. Classic music and relaxing sounds can help little babies easily doze off to the land of dreams, but they can also help busy parents fall asleep easier.

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